Where Breast Pump Innovation Meets Nature, and Functionality Meets Style.

Milkbar’s Breast Pump and Clothing Range has been created to redefine both breastfeeding comfort and maternity style for New Zealand and Australian mums and mums-to-be.

Balancing fashion with superior comfort and functionality, our beautifully designed clothing pieces are stylish, practical and created to complement your shape as it changes throughout the stages of your pregnancy, breastfeeding and even beyond. To support breastfeeding mums, we bring to you a unique, revolutionary breast pump,that will completely transform your experience with expressing breast milk.

Retain your own sense of personal style at home, in the workplace or on the weekend, and feel confident and comfortable with expressing thanks to our versatile maternity clothes, breastfeeding wear, and high quality breast pumps made with you in mind.

All prices are charged in New Zealand Dollars